No. 439BK-8 Scotty Slide Track (8 inch)

No. 439BK-8 Scotty Slide Track (8 inch)

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  • Scotty Slide Track is a versatile option for the avid angler who is looking for the ultimate, re-positionable gear setup solution
  • Flexible enough to allow installation on the gentle curve of a kayak or gunnel of a boat yet remains strong enough to handle multiple rod holders and accessories
  • High grade track manufactured from corrosion resistant polymer is easily installed on all types of watercraft, including kayaks, canoes and tin boats
  • Position multiple Scotty 438 Gear-Head Track Adapters onto the Slide Track, click in your favorite Scotty Rod Holders or accessories and simply start fishing
  • With gear space at a premium, you can now utilize the flexible space provided by the revolutionary Scotty Slide Track

Installation Requirements:

  • Scotty slide track is designed for use with size #10 round or pan head screws
  • When mounting your Scotty Slide Track, drill clearance holes in the track no more than 4” apart
  • Use a #10 (or 5mm) drill bit for the holes in the track, but make sure to use a 1/8″ (or smaller) sized drill bit for the pilot holes in your watercraft
  • Use round or pan head fasteners when attaching Scotty Slide Track to your watercraft

*ATTENTION* Do not use flat head or counter sunk fasteners, as these
may split the track over time